Interprox Plus 2G Mix Blister

32.00 د.إ

  • Head with a long handle (easy to control, reach molars and wisdom teeth)
  • Tynex bristles (effective and nontraumatic)
  • Plastic-Coated wire (no implant scratching or gum injuries)
  • Two colors of bristles (black -indicates plaque, white – indicates bleeding)
  • Cover provided for hygienic storage

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  • It is so important to clean interdental spaces as they represent around 30% of the dental surface area (the critical area for gum inflammations and tooth decays)
  • Interprox® interdental brushes are the optimal tools to clean the interdental spaces, with a various range of sizes, not only that, Interprox® are suitable for cleaning dental bridges, around braces, and implants.
  • Made in Spain


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